Arm Bands for Baby , Baby Swim Float Swim Armbands

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Arm bands are a great way to introduce children to the water. The design makes for a very comfortable fit around the upper arm, reducing the chance of scratching and becoming annoying to your child. Feature: 2 independent air chambers, to be worn on upper arm only, pink colour, for child 3-6 years, to be used under adult supervision, dimensions: 23x15cm.the possibilities are endless. With over 155 careers and counting, there isn’t a plastic ceiling Barbie hasn’t broke. And with Barbie Armbands, kid’s creative sides have no limits. Designed with brightly colored Barbie graphics, the Armbands brings added joy to pool time and reminds girls that there’s no stopping them from dreaming about tomorrow. Because with Barbie, a little girl can be anything. And to them, that is everything.

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